Crisis communications online workshop

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This i-workshop, based on a Cronkite School (CSJ) three-credit course, utilizes a five-module approach to communications including:
Distinctions between an emergency and a crisis, a response versus a reaction, internal and external considerations, diverse audience-sand message-crafting that reduces harm while preserving brands and reputations.

The workshop integrates practical PR knowledge with theory, strategy and tactics. Ethical decision making and leadership serve as key components in order to establish a frame of reference.

Presentations/insights from industry professionals, who have been on the front lines of crises and can speak candidly, form the basis of discussions.

This workshop employs interactive discussion, videos, and readings, to help the participant develop a broad understanding of crisis communications and management strategies.


One weekly 90-minute live Zoom session each Thursday with guest practitioners (solo with instructor or as a panel with instructor/s). These discussions may focus on an individual case and/or an industry segment.

Asynchronous content provided to workshop participants (videos, original content, readings, PowerPoint presentations, links).

Important Information

Admission Requirements


Fluent in English,(writing listening, speaking and reading).

Fresh graduate or junior professional (maximum 3 years of experience)
Specialized in Media studies and/or communication studies.